Today I felt a part of me died.

It's slacking time once again. :) Got to take a break from uni work for a bit and eager to share my Mac experience. hehe.

The unboxing process...

As you can see, the trend nowadays is all about going green and Apple® have taken responsibility in reducing its carbon footprint. The wastage from the unboxing was kept to the minimum and based on their website, you could see how they have taken the steps to do this.

It's my 2nd day today using my McBook now and i'm lovin' it
! I've been a PC worshiper for the pass 20 years of my life ( started using a computer at around age 5 or 6, now you know im that old already T__T ) and the whole process of adapting to a Mac is easier than I thought!

The first day of using it was more experimental, installing Boot Camp
and Windows® Vista. The funny part was, the setup for my Vista is a mandarin version!! Was totally clueless and had my friend to guide me through some of the installation process. However, I managed to get hold of an English version soon after and did a fresh installation again. First time using a Mac and already learned to partition, format, install and dual boot using Boot Camp. *am I geeky or what?!

Thanks to Nigel, an old friend who started to use Mac one year earlier for the tips and advises. He is now my personal Mac IT support cum advisor. haha. Finally my turn has come after all these years of being the IT guy for relatives and friends. XD shiok!

Oh yea, the dashboard widgets are pure awesomeness. Guess what widgets did I installed? Currency converter, currency news, forex charts and forex quotes! Still a beginner understanding bits of it here and there, at least I get to start somewhere. *it rhymes! Just something out of interest that I picked up over the summer. Will post about the Diwali dinner next!

Back to blogging again due to procrastination from uni work. Haha. Although uni just started 3 weeks back, Im already feeling all the mental stress building up in my mind!!! Ordered a new Mac Book Pro since a week ago and it has yet to arrive. Am anxiously waiting and can't wait to get my hands on it to start playing doing work! Currently using my mom's old Sony VAIO to surf net and do a bit of research but the RAM and CPU speed just won't cut it and freezes once in a while -__-" Pray that my Mac will arrive safely tomorrow *fingers crossed*

Last Sunday was Deepavali or Diwali as people here calls it. Happy Diwali to all Indian readers (if any!). Gonna celebrate it with a bunch of international students tomorrow night *better late than never* in Balti Curries. The food there is marvelous with excellent service. They have a lot of excellence awards hanging on the walls to prove it too! If you drop by or in Falmouth, do give it a try! Don't forget to treat me for recommending the place. XD

In case you didn't notice, I changed the layout temporarily. Got bored of the green and looking for something more subtle and refreshing. More tweaks on that soon.

Gotta get back to uni work! Argh!!